Services We Offer

Some of the Services we offer include:

Full retail merchandising including diamonds, colored stones, pearls, gold and platinum, sterling, fashion and custom/hand made and designed pieces.

We have 2 certified/graduate gemologists on staff for all of your gemstone needs.

We have 2 designers on staff to assist you in creating that 1 of a kind piece.

Our repair shop is full service, we have 3 jewelers, and following is a short list of what we offer you in this area:

Engraving. We feature the capturing of your fingerprints or your pet's prints and engraving them onto jewelry or...and of course anything else you might need engraved we do also.
Rhodium Plating. This is necessary for all white gold and some platinum to create that "like new" finish and protection on your jewelry.
Pearl Stringing. Essentially no one gets their pearls restrung as often as necessary to keep them safe, and most people aren't aware a problem is developing until they break...too late.
Replacement of prongs and Heads. Again, when your stone falls out it is too late. We will check and advise any work necessary at no charge, but this can get real expensive if you don't stay on top of it.
Ring Sizing. Larger or smaller, big or small, we do them all (sorry...)
Re-designing. This is a big one. We all have old worn out jewelry, jewelry we've never liked or worn, inherited jewelry that was cool in a different time...don't let it just sit, put it to use. Let us create something spectacular out of something...well...not as.